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Landon Williams Serves A Sultry Experience with ‘All Day All Night’

Landon Williams takes you deep into a sensual and seductive nosedive with his All Day All Night video and accompanying virtual reality experience. 

The Colorado native coats the track, produced by Dan Book, with his succulently soulful vocals which fuse effortlessly with the sleek guitar and booming bass lines of the track.

“The framework of “All Day All Night” was really influenced by Fleetwood Mac’s song ‘Dreams.’ I wrote the verse three years ago with the intent of it having an evocative sound that sort of sedates the listener into this rad vibe.” – Landon Williams

The virtual reality component takes the already intoxicating tune to another level. Vintage-hued imagery transports you into a firsthand glimpse of intense and passionate series of events. The sonic and visual experience fully enraptures listeners with its invigorating sound design and inherent mystique.


If you are interested in buying the VR headset, head to Landon’s website. ‘All Day All Night’ is available via Lowly Palace. 



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