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Watch EPROM Make History with Creative Video Projection on Sydney’s Opera House

on the Sydney Opera House in Australia, EPROM and a handful of artists COLLABORATED to create magic.

This visual and audible experience is something that not many artists are ever given the opportunity to be involved with. The 15 minute projection, titled METAMATHEMAGICAL, was apart of Sydney’s Vivid festival. Joined by Air Max ’97 Music, Instagram artist, and Jonathan Zawada.

“…as versicolored 3D images transform the sails of the Opera House into something entirely otherworldly.” – EPROM

The outcome is definitely that: entirely otherworldly. We can’t even imagine how EPROM must feel after such a unique experience!

Watch it below:

Fans shared similar sentiments of just how beautiful this spectacle was.

Featured image via Sydney Opera House Facebook. 

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