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Dancesafe Warns Electric Forest of Positive Tests For Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine During Weekend 2

Pennsylvania DanceSafe issued a statement this morning announcing multiple positive tests for fentanyl-laced cocaine at Weekend 2 of Electric Forest.

If you’ve turned on the news recently, you’ve heard of this deadly opioid. It’s become a national epidemic ravaging families, communities and entire cities. Now it is making its way into our communities.

The wonderful organizations DanceSafe and BunkPolice are taking steps to prevent these tragedies from invading our beloved dance floors.

If you’re at EForest this weekend you can text BUNK to 555-888 for updates on testing locations and any harm-reduction related alerts.

You can read more about BunkPolice and their efforts here: 

The Bunk Police / BunkBot / Fentanyl at EF ’18 from r/ElectricForest

Stay safe friends.

Photo: Richard Magazine

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