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Porter Robinson Forced to Cancel Virtual Self Set at Major Festival

Spring Awakening Music Festival is this weekend and attendees are not happy with the latest news.

There seem to be multiple issues popping up about the festival, including a tweet from Porter Robinson. Porter was originally on the bill to play a Virtual Self set. However, due to “stage production issues” three days out from the festival, he is forced to change everything.

There is no doubt people purchased tickets for SAMF solely to see a rare Virtual Self set. The young producer switched over to his alter-ego at the beginning of the year, and took over the electronic world by storm. He started the year out at BUKU Music + Arts Project, and is now billed only on a few festivals.

Don’t fret! This cancellation is definitely disappointing, but he will make the best out of this situation. Plus, look on the bright side: he didn’t cancel his set completely.

Sneak peek of Virtual Self from BUKU below:


Featured image via Miami New Times. 

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  1. That sucks. I saw em at EDC and it was mind blowing.

  2. He actually started his year out on Holy Ship.

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