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Why Sexism in the Music Industry Needs to End: Subtronics Bashes Woman Producer via Facebook

Following the trend of misogynistic men, comments left by Subtronics on his personal Facebook page attacking producer Whipped Cream (aka Caroline Cecil) has caused an uproar.

The comments, shown below, come after a recent show announcement in which she received the “better time slot.” Subtronics equated this to her being a “hot girl with a manager,” completely discrediting her as a producer. In a rebuttal, Cecil explained that she mixes and masters all of her own music. The most annoying part is the fact that she felt the need to clarify in the first place.

When people think of the music industry, typically women are the last things on their mind. The scene is overran with thousands of men: those who put on the show, those who attend the show, and those who play the show. Festival lineups feature little to no women (shoutout Rezz for being the only woman to play at Lost Lands this year). This isn’t representative of the music scene at all.

There are women that pushed themselves to where they are at now, but it’s unfortunate because women have to work 100x harder to beat a man out for the same spot. Even if the woman is exponentially more talented than every other producer, she would still be disregarded. This is not fair.

For another example, Alison Wonderland expressed her frustration with the nonsensical, ignorant comments she receives earlier in the year. All because she is a woman, she is equated to being a good producer because of “tits and blow jobs.” What kind of people in the industry address men in this manner? Hint: none.

Will it ever be enough as a woman producer/artist? Will women ever be respected in the industry?

Lately, it seems like the answer is no. Society as a whole is regressing rather than progressing. For 2018, let’s push for more female producers and artists on lineups and to play locally. They deserve the love too.

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