Festive Owl Does Major Damage Control after False Bassnectar Leak

The Festive Owl is that social media account we all love to follow, but you gotta wonder sometimes… “How does he get that leak?”. Turns out not every tip to the owl is a good one. A few weeks ago, Festive Owl leaked that the EDC Las Vegas lineup would be announced on Valentine’s Day, and a very special basshead would be adorning the lineup. Turns out, the date leak was correct but fans were shocked when there was no mention of Bassnectar anywhere on the EDC LV lineup. 

Obviously, this greatly hurts Festive Owl’s credibility and how reliable fans will see him in the future. Today, Festive Owl took to social media to explain that this was a “malicious” tactic for giving misinformation and that someone purposely sabotaged him by giving him false info. 

Check out the posts and tweets below, and let us know what you come up with:

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